SEL Professional Development

Continuous Growth (CG) Educational Services, LLC. Provide Professional Development for educational professionals and students on the impact of Social Emotional Development.  Students are more successful in school and daily life when they:

  • Know and can manage themselves
  • Understand the perspectives of others and relate effectively with them
  • Make sound choices about personal and social decisions. 

Building SEL Skills in the Classroom

Promoting social and emotional development for all students in classrooms involves teaching and modeling social and emotional skills, providing opportunities for students to practice and hone those skills, and giving students an opportunity to apply these skills in various situations (Casel, 2017)

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Curriculum Writing

Looking for a professional, evidence-based curriculum for your book? Continuous Growth (CG) Educational Services has successfully designed curriculum for the Award-Winning book "Queen Infinity", "Malik's Big Dream" and "Malik the Difference Maker." Continuous Growth Services has also crafted curriculum for programs such as: Dream Builders 101 and The M.O.R.E program. For a consultation and pricing, please contact Dr. Christine Gibson 


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Author's Day Programs

Thanks you for your interest in our  Author Programs. These programs are designed for students to get to know their inner author and discuss various topics that will support them on their journey to Greatness! In all our programs, the students will be provided an opportunity to meet the author of Christine's Big Hair Adventures, learn about her journey to becoming an author, and have a question and answer session and much more! 

We offer three different Programs:

How Can I Be the Best Me Program

Students  will discuss and learn the difference between  having  Positive Character Traits vs. Negative Character Traits. Students will go through role playing and small group activities that promote Character Building! All students will also receive a Christine's Big Adventure Interactive book!


Be An Author for a Day Program

Students will meet the Author of Christine's Big Hair Adventures and hear her story of how she became an author. There will be a question and answer session that will follow students going through the writing process and creating their own Adventure! All students will receive a copy of Christine's Big Hair Adventures book as well as create their own book to  take home and share with family and friends!


Students will have the opportunity to meet the author of Christine's Big Hair Adventures and discuss the importance of Self-Awareness! Student will participate in a question and answer session, as well as share  their personal stories. Students  will go through various activities, watch a short video clip, and role play to gain a better understanding of self-awareness! All students will also take home a copy of Christine's Big Hair Adventures Book!

For more information about these programs, please contact:

Dr. Christine Gibson


Phone: (513) 259-7461  


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