Author's Corner

Dr. Christine Gibson is an educator and an innovative thinker. Dr. Gibson has a passion for instructing children and improving the education process through specialized curriculum and individualized instruction. Dr. Gibson has led numerous professional development training to support educational professionals and to enhance their classroom practices. She received her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education while she worked as a Head Start teacher for fourteen years. Advancing her education while working as a Lead Teacher, Dr. Gibson obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Northern Kentucky University. Dr. Gibson then went on to acquire her Master’s Degree in Multicultural Special Education from The Mount St. Joseph University. She began her career as an Education Coach where she assessed educators inside the classroom to assure best practices were being administered. Dr. Gibson then became an Intervention Specialist for Cincinnati Public Schools while also pursuing her Doctorate in Early Childhood Education. Dr. Gibson obtained her PhD in Early Childhood Education in February of  2020!

Dr. Gibson Founder and CEO of Continuous Growth Educational Services LLC has partnered with Dream Builders University as their Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She has created professional development plans, curriculums, and teacher’s guides for several of the Dream Builders University books and Love II Learn Books. These books include but not limited to Competing As A Lifestyle: You vs. You, Malik’s Big Dream, and Malik the Difference Maker, all three authored by LaMarque Ward Sr., M. Ed. Dr. Gibson has also designed The teacher’s guide to the award winning Queen Infinity authored by L. Kobie Wilkerson M.Ed. She has also completed curriculums for program such as the M.O.R.E Program for high school students with Cincinnati Public School District. 

Outside of curriculum designing, Dr. Gibson has a huge passion for serving others. Christine leads a Homeless ministry where she directs a small group monthly to feed and serve the homeless population within Cincinnati, Ohio. She is constantly looking for ways to support those in need. 

Dr. Gibson continues to encourage young children to believe in who they are by teaching the importance of Social and Emotional Development. She believes if children knew all the greatness that they possess within themselves, as well as their own unique talents through their individuality, and collectiveness, they would all be unstoppable on their journey’s to being Great! Her belief has led her to speak at numerous conferences and educational in-services.       


Continuous Growth (CG) Educational Services, LLC

Dr. Gibson began her own business, Continuous Growth (CG) Educational Services, that supports educators and student growth through PD's (professional development) and meaningful personalized resources. Dr. Christine Gibson has also teamed up with Dream Builders University as the Executive Director of Curriculum and Design. As an author, Dr. Gibson creates books to support the Social Emotional Development of children. With much passion, she also creates professional development plans, curriculum’s, and teacher’s guides for the Dream Builders University books and others.